Creating a Culture of Innovation at Your Club

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Are you looking for ways to improve your member experience? Do you have a formal process to test new ideas in a way that reduces the anxiety of trying some new?

Join Doug for a discussion on the things to consider when you are looking to improve the club experience, not only to enhance the experience for existing members, but also to create demand for new members.



Attendees of this session will explore and understand:

  1. Who your club’s actual competition is
  2. How to engage your team members to bring creativity to the table
  3. A process that allows for a continual cycle of improvements

Your Speaker

Doug Junor

Managing Director –


About This Speaker

Doug has been driving business transformation across North America for over 30 years. Audiences and clients alike have praised his insightful thoughts around emerging innovations that can disrupt the status quo of any organization.

His time in past leadership roles, from Director of Channel Development to Chief Business Officer with various industry leading and award-winning companies, has made Doug a highly valued advisor. He enjoys using his real-world experience to help a broad range of entrepreneurial start-ups, public sector entities and established enterprise corporations implement a sustainable business transformation strategy.

Whether modernizing your existing operations or looking to move your culture to the next level, Doug’s clients have learned how experienced outside opinions can be the difference between survive and thrive.