Club Innovation Conference

presented by Sysco Canada

The Talks

The Club Innovation Conference has curated over 50 sessions covering five learning tracks that are vital to the daily operation and long-term sustainability of all clubs.

With recordings available on-demand for months after the virtual event, you don't have to worry about missing the ones that interest you most.

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  • Boards & Governance
  • Club Management
  • Creative Food & Beverage
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Personal & Professional Development

Your True Calling – Understanding Your Purpose in the Club Business

Featured Speaker: Michael Crandal, CNG

Workforce Planning & Community Engagement

Featured Speaker: Joe Krenn, CCM, CCE, ECM

Women in Leadership – Elegant Influence 2.0

Featured Speaker: Shelley MacDougall

Why Your Club Should Be Working With Influencers

Featured Speaker: Mike Morrison

Why Sound Governance is the Key to success as a Club Manager

Featured Speaker: George Pinches

Why People Buy Memberships: The Emotional Triggers Behind Big Decisions

Featured Speaker: Talia Wolf

What’s in your leadership toolbox?

Featured Speaker: Jason Sigurdson, CCM CCE

What’s NEXT Foodies?

Featured Speaker: Jay Ashton

What Women Want & the Financial Benefits

Featured Speaker: Elisa Gaudet

Using Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) as source of Inspiration

Featured Speaker: Jason Sigurdson, CCM CCE

Unlocking the Power of Certification

Featured Speaker: Suzanne Godbehere

Understanding and Exploiting Key Revenue Performance Indicators

Featured Speaker: Mark Sharpe

The Direct Relationship Between Governance and Executive Search

Featured Speaker: George Pinches

The Club Governance Model in 25 minutes or Less

Featured Speaker: George Pinches

The ART + SCIENCE of Club Management

Featured Speaker: Kevin MacDonald & Jon Fisher

Social Marketing Masterclass: Planning, Pillars, and Platforms

Featured Speaker: Kelly Doody

Questions vs. Answers: Making Better Decisions through Curiosity

Featured Speaker: Ryan Tracy

No One Goes to a Party Uninvited – Developing New Revenue Streams by Including Diverse Communities

Featured Speaker: Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald