Bob Paley

Head Golf Professional – Kananaskis Country Golf Course


Bob Paley has been blessed to be in this wonderful business of golf for 30 years. He got started at the Derrick Golf & Winter Club when he was working on a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology at the University of Alberta. After graduating in 1995 he moved to Calgary to work at Cottonwood but more importantly to Marry the love of his life, Tracy, with whom they just celebrated their 24th Anniversary. After spending a year at Cottonwood in 1996 and another at Redwood Meadows in 1997, the Paley family picked up stakes and moved out to the mountains in 1998 to join the Kananaskis Country Golf Course family.

In that time many wonderful and interesting things have happened to Bob and his family.
1) Birth of their two boys, Matt and Sam happened in 1998 and 1999.
2) Bob was awarded Assistant Professional of the Year for Alberta in 1998.
3) Bob became the Head Professional in 2001.
4) Kananaskis hosted the G8 summit in 2002 and got to meet the leaders of the world.
5) Bob was awarded the Club Professional of the Year and Merchandiser of the Year award for Alberta and for Canada in 2009.
6) In 2013 they all experienced the devastation of the Southern Alberta floods and watched 36 beautiful and magnificent holes get decimated in 24 hours time.
7) Had the absolute pleasure of being a part of the restoration team between 2013 and 2018 to plan and execute not only the restoration of all 36 holes but also the Clubhouse, Golf Shop, and Snack Shacks at the course and tell the story along the way.

In all of this amazing time that he has had growing up in the golf business, there are many things that Bob has discovered he is passionate about.
a) Telling our story at the golf course in different ways and on different platforms
b) Thinking outside the box and looking at our world just a little bit different than most
c) Looking hard for the great gifts that we are given, even when they can sometimes be very hard to find.
d) Mentoring the young beautiful minds of our Kananaskis teams over the years along with other Golf Professionals in Canada.
e) Creating fantastic, incredible, warm, and inviting experiences for our guests at a busy 36 hole facility and building a platform to ensure our team connects with each pair of legs that walks into our place of business.
f) Spreading the word of our culture and ensuring that we are ALWAYS being authentic to who we say we are and who we want to be.
g) Working shoulder to shoulder with our team to lead by example and to help shed light on many tools that will be successful assets for our young team members as they work their way through the world. Simple things like introducing yourself to everyone you meet, remembering names, communication, smiling, organization, time management, being thankful for what you do have and not longing for what you don’t…and much much more.
h) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…Spending time with that beautiful wife of his and their two entertaining boys!

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