How to Imagine and Deliver Events that Inspire

In “normal times” the business of golf competes against so many other industries for our members and guests time. Going out for dinner, other sports endeavors, spending time at the lake, hiking, kayaking, etc. etc…you get the idea. Even with Covid and the boom, our business saw during the 2020 season, we still need to create events that stand out. Events that not only force your guests to ask when is the next one, but also events that help engage your entire team during the preparation and execution phase.

During our time together in this session, we will talk about how we run fun, creative, and unique experiences at a busy public facility. We are always looking for different ways to stand out with our guests and team members. Our golf events just happen to have golf involved with them…they are SO MUCH MORE! It is about the experience that they have with your team from the second they step out of their vehicles on your property to the moment they get back into their vehicles and can’t stop talking about their time with you. Time is by far the most precious commodity that any person can give to someone else. How can you and your business make the most of it with your members and guests so that they are looking to you first for entertainment!


Key Takeaways from this Session

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