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James Beebe

Golf Course Manager - Priddis Greens G&CC

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James Beebe has been the Golf Course Superintendent at the Priddis Greens G&CC for more than 25 years. James has provided leadership to his club helping to create creating a culture of excellence while growing numerous leaders in the golf course management industry.

Session Title

Growing People - Creating Cultural Excellence


How a people-first-centered leadership philosophy can create an engaged team culture and help you to create a more fulfilling career.


  1. To create a winning culture of engagement, ownership & excellence we must create a specific work environment for our people to grow & thrive.
  2. We must invest in the education & growth of our leaders if we expect maximum contribution.
  3. To protect our culture, we allow only those people who share our values to join the team.
  4. A growth-oriented, team-focused culture of excellence can be the solution to your recruiting and retainment problems.
  5. Providing a growth-oriented environment can be one of the most rewarding achievements of your career