About the CIC &
Frequently Asked Questions

What it's All About

The Club Innovation Conference presented by Sysco Canada is - like the name says - an innovative take on education for current and emerging club leaders.

This conference is a collaborative learning event for your entire club. We’ve curated more than 50 speakers to deliver talks in five streams of learning:

  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Club Management
  • Creative Food & Beverage
  • Boards & Governance
  • Innovative Thinking

We’re confident every club leader, every middle manager, every aspiring GM or COO will find a number of sessions that engage them, inform them, and challenge them to new and innovative ways to elevate their club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my staff and I watch different talks at the same time?

YES. Each registered staff member receives their own unique login.

You can be in your office watching Gregg Patterson's talk while Chef is watching Jay Ashton from the kitchen office.

Can my staff watch from different locations?

YES. How you watch and learn as a team is up to you. You can gather in the board room and watch the same session. You can scatter about the club watching individual sessions. Or you can work from home and learn from home.

Two of the talks I want to watch are on at the same time. What should do?

Even with five talks running concurrently during all conference hours, there's no need to stress over what to watch. 

All talks will be available as recordings for you to watch later. If you miss an important talk, you can watch it later that day, later that week, or later that month.

How do I get passes for my whole club?

Buying and All-Access Pass and enrolling your staff is simple.

Step 1. Purchase one All-Access Pass for your club.

Step 2. Send a list of all the staff members you'd like to enroll. 

(Staff member email addresses must come from the same domain. ie. no gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. email addresses)

How can I be sure the experience will be technically good?

There's nothing worse than watching a webinar marred with technical difficulties; the video keeps freezing, the audio drops out. You know.

We've taken precautions to ensure there are no technical issues. If your computer can handle YouTube videos, you'll be able to enjoy all the Club Innovation Conference has to offer.