2022 CIC Speakers & Sessions


Ricky L. Potts, Jr.

Session: “Customer Relationship Management, Tracking Touches and Other Membership Sales Best Practices.”

Mark Thompson

Mark R. Thompson

Session: “Reset Your Learning Culture”


Matt Weinberger

Session: “How Clubs can Benefit from Amateur Nextgengolf Assets at the PGA of America.”

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Mark Kondrat

Session: “The Rise of the Craft Beer Community”

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Kurt Kuebler

Sessions: “How to be a Unicorn GM/COO in the Club Industry” and “Becoming or Staying a Great Team Leader!”

Joel Livingood Headshot

Joel Livingood, CCM

Session: “Leadership Lessons from 22 – 32: Preparing to Lead in 2022”


Tal Czudner

Sessions: “Community and You,” and “What is Your System?”

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Tim Tamashiro

Session: “How To Balance Your Life With Your Job With Ikigai”

Robert Sereci - Bio Casual

Robert Sereci CCM ECM

Session: “Whatever Happened to Empathy in the Workplace?”


Melissa Hansen

Session: “The Ultimate New Member Orientation.”

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Gregg Patterson

Session: “Creating a Trust Culture During Turbulent Times”

James Cronk Bio Pic

James Cronk

Sessions: “Planning for Success – Parts One & Two”

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Kelsey Hahn, MSc

Session”Leading Teams in a Post-Covid world: Emerging Trends”


Joe Krenn

Session: “It Hit the Fan…Now What?”


Ryan Tracy, PGA

Session: “Ok, We’re Biased. Now What?”


Garett Martin

Sessions: “Reducing staff turnover and attracting higher-quality talent through the HRing App.” and “What makes a strong hire or good…

Carpenter family

Three Carpenter, CCM and Jackie Carpenter, CCM

Sessions: “People First: The 5 Steps to Pure Human Connection and a Thriving Organization” and “People First – In Action!”


Kevin MacDonald and Shelley MacDougall

Session: “Git ‘Er Done! – 5 Ideas to Gain Traction in Your Work and Life.”

Mike Headshot

Mr. Michael Holtzman

Session: “Minimizing the Food and Beverage Subsidy at My Club.“

Barry Forth - CIC Bio Pic

Barry Forth

Session: “Humanize Your Business by Being Less Boring”

TURF_Beebe James

James Beebe

Session: “Growing People – Creating Cultural Excellence”

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Nathan VanderKlippe

Session: “Stories about Stories.”

Julie Adam

Julie Adam

Session: “Why kindness is the must-have superpower you need to lead.”


Bill Morari, ECM

Sessions: “Change is Good!” and “How to survive as a Club Manager“

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