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Julie Adam

Senior Vice President of News & Entertainment for Rogers Sports & Media

Julie Adam

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Julie Adam is the Senior Vice President of News & Entertainment for Rogers Sports & Media, overseeing a robust portfolio of the company’s media assets including its 54 radio stations, two podcast networks, 29 local television stations, and 15 television channels. Julie started her career at a radio station, broadcasting rock music to late-night listeners. Today, she is an award-winning media executive focused on leading a large team of talented people through creativity, innovation and positivity. She lives in Toronto with her husband Darren, boys Jack & Cal, and dog, Phoebe.

Session Title

Why kindness is the must-have superpower you need to lead.


Julie Adam shares practical tips from her new book Imperfectly Kind, on how you can use kindness to win in business and become a much better leader.


Attendees will learn how kindness can help them to improve their people leadership skills, from building and coaching an all-star team to giving feedback and having difficult conversations, plus more.