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Kevin MacDonald and Shelley MacDougall


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We are coaches who ignite and engage people and teams, helping them operate at their best and create awesome results. We know that leaders are not necessarily people with title or exclusively those who supervise others. They are often individual contributors, whose efforts and examples inspire and augment the efforts and examples of others. We believe leaders exist everywhere in organizations – with or without a title. We love working with people at all levels and consider it a privilege and honor to Elevate Lives!

We are Kevin MacDonald and Shelley MacDougall.

Kevin MacDonald is a coach and former club manager. He started his coaching practice in 2000 and in 2003 became the Coach for The Club Managers Association of America. Since taking on the role as architect and leader of the association’s coaching program he has been asked to work with people in all areas of the club business. He has contributed articles to five different industry publications and does so regularly for three. Together with Shelley MacDougall, he has created The Extraordinary Leader – an innovative leadership program and community dedicated to building leaders at all levels of the club industry.

Kevin’s focus is on elevating the professionalism and the lives of the people he works with. He speaks from the heart with warmth and humour. He is a polished story teller who is dedicated to ensuring that an audience doesn’t just leave with some new ideas but is inspired to take action that will make a lasting difference.

Shelley MacDougall is dedicated to creating leaders in life! Whether she is coaching one on one, facilitating learning for groups, or delivering keynote presentations, Shelley’s dynamic style and compassion for people are undeniable.

Since 2006, Shelley has been coaching CMAA professionals, supporting them to reach new heights in their careers and in life. Along with her business partner, Kevin MacDonald, they have coached and worked with thousands of industry professionals in their combined 30 years of coaching. Their popular program, The Extraordinary Leader Program, continues to develop leaders at all levels of private clubs and beyond.

After obtaining her business degree at The Ohio State University, Shelley has invested the past 30 years in training and leading others. Fifteen years of experience inside the private club and hospitality industries equipped her to venture out to connect with organizations from a different perspective. As a coach and trainer, her passion is developing leaders and creating cultures of elevated service.

Shelley believes that “Success is on the Inside”! She is committed to Elevating Lives and Organizations… Every Connection, Every Conversation, Every Day!

Session Title

Git ‘Er Done! – 5 ideas to gain traction in your work and life


We are all living and working in a world of overwhelm and distraction. For many, it is increasingly difficult to “manage” our time.

What are you focusing on? What price do you pay? Why don’t you do what you say you are going to do?

Join Kevin and Shelley to shift your thinking and learn some powerful ideas to increase traction in your days.


  • Think differently about “managing” your time
  • Understand why the way you are working is not working
  • Practical ideas and hacks to start using right away