5 Hiring Mistakes Employers are Making & Hiring Ideas to Find Employees

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It is changing into an “employee market” and the days of the “employer market” are quickly fading away. So many employers right now are wondering “where are the candidates”? In this video I will highlight 5 quick fixes employers can make to help increase the pipeline of talent, prevent a drought of candidates, and help decrease the amount of NO CALL/NO SHOWs that are happening way too often. There is NO silver bullet but these tips will certainly help.

Hiring ideas to find employees are in such demand right now I thought I would make this checklist on what you should be doing to find more talent in the marketplace. Now, this is just a beginner’s guide to finding candidates and this list does not even touch on onboarding, retention, and just how competitive the market is right now. BUT, my hope is this list helps some employers out there with some recruiting ideas.


Attendees of this session will come away with:

  1. Fresh ideas for talent recruiting
  2. Pitfalls to avoid that turn off potential hires
  3. Insights into what today’s new recruits are looking for in an employer.

Your Speaker

Jeremy Nichols, CPC

Florida's Hospitality Headhunter - Recruiter Matching Hospitality Leadership with the Industry's Top Talent


About This Speaker

Jeremy Nichols started his recruiting career in 2000 with international retail giant H&M. Based in NY, he helped open one of their first stores in the US. After a few years in operations he soon joined the US expansion team. With this role, he traveled the US and was responsible for the recruitment and hiring for emerging markets along the East Coast and throughout the Midwest.

In 2008 Jeremy joined the nation’s largest franchisee of Panera Bread, Covelli Enterprises. As the Director of Recruiting, Jeremy’s focus was on the Greater Tampa Bay market including the Gainesville, Ocala and The Villages area. Jeremy hired management and catering personnel for 30 locations. Additionally, he was responsible for the staffing of new locations as well as filling upper management positions in their corporate support office.

Jeremy has a true passion for recruiting. The relationships and connections that are made with each placement are what motivate Jeremy to find that perfect match for both candidate and employer.