How To Balance Your Life With Your Job With Ikigai

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Can you be fulfilled and still make a living? The COVID pandemic has demonstrated that the world of employment has changed. It helped us realize that you can find meaning in your work, have the freedom to explore new opportunities or spend time with family without feeling guilty about abandoning their needs when there is so much uncertainty out there for jobs.

Work-life balance has become urgent.

Ikigai is an ancient wisdom and lifestyle from Okinawa, Japan. It’s being embraced as a way forward after COVID. There are four directions for ikigai:

1. Do what you love
2. Do what you’re good at
3. Do what the world needs
4. Do what you’re good at

Join How To Ikigai author Tim Tamashiro to learn how you can use your ikigai to bring you better well-being and meaning.


  1. You will learn an introduction of ikigai.
  2. You’ll reconnect to what you love to do.
  3. You will name your ikigai.

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Tim Tamashiro

Author - How To Ikigai

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About This Speaker

Tim Tamashiro is a jazz singer, entertainer and former national radio host. He is the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book How To Ikigai.

For a decade Tim was host of Tonic on CBC Radio 2. His role as Canada’s nightly jazz companion was one of his most cherished learning experiences of his lifetime. He departed from CBC to study positive psychology, wellbeing, and Ikigai (life’s worth).

Ikigai is an ancient philosophy from Okinawa, Japan. It encourages all people to live their “life’s worth”. Studies show that the pillars of Ikigai support overall wellbeing. Each person has an ikigai that, once understood, will enhance daily life and personal fulfillment. Best of all, Ikigai is a map with four directions to follow:

1. Do what you love
2. Do what you’re good at
3. Do what the world needs
4. Do what you can be rewarded for

Tim has learned that his own Ikigai is “to delight”. He shares his Ikigai every chance he gets whether he’s giving a speech, singing a song, telling a story or sharing a smile.