Innovative Mindset & The Member Experience

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Cultivating an innovative mindset is more important than ever. The next Unicorns in the club industry will be the leaders that approach all problems with a systemic approach and an eye toward what’s possible.

These individuals will develop collaborative work environments where staff members are enthusiastic about problem-solving.

Above all, innovative leaders will ambitiously seek incremental improvement and fearlessly accept disruptive change all in pursuit of improving the members’ experience.

This session explores examples of innovation from inside and outside the club world, confronts some of the fears, myths, and biases of change, and delivers an action plan for developing a more innovative mindset at your club.


Attendees of this session will discover:

  1. Why innovation is a critical component of a club’s long-term success.
  2. Why innovation shouldn’t be feared or avoided.
  3. Different opportunities for innovation, large and small.
  4. A 4-step process for innovating to solve member problems at your club.

Your Speaker

Roger Kingkade

Managing Director – Club Unity


About This Speaker

Roger Kingkade is the Managing Director of Club Unity. Club Unity delivers club management software solutions including the most user-friendly tee sheet application in the business. Forward-thinking club leaders that prioritize the digital member experience, as well as the in-person member experience, will love what Club Unity offers.