Chris Gironda

Executive Chef – Scarboro Golf And Country Club


Chef Chris came from humble beginnings and worked his way up the ladder to become an Executive Chef in one of the top private golf clubs in the GTA. His love for food comes from his strong Italian background and his family’s deep love and appreciation for food. His journey in the hospitality industry began at the tender age of sixteen, as a dishwasher in the Outback Steakhouse kitchen. His ambition, dedication, and hard work gave way to the honorable promotion to Kitchen Manager in just a few short years. From there, Chef Chris continued to work his way up to Sous Chef and eventually earned the Executive Chef title, a position he held in several chain restaurants (Milestones, Montana’s, The Keg and Jack Astor’s) throughout the GTA. The one-year Chef Training program at George Brown College built a foundation for Chef Chris’s career, but it was the hands-on experience he gained in the kitchen, his passion for food, and an undeniable ambition that brought him success.

To greater pursue his passion for food, Chef Chris travelled to Europe, expanding his mind, skill set and palate in the exploration of different type of worldly cuisines, such Italian, French and Swiss. This experience allowed him to develop his own signature approach to cuisine and afforded him an immeasurable wealth of knowledge that continues to serve him to this day.

Through the years, his confidence and patience landed him the position of Executive Sous Chef at The Boulevard Club in Toronto. Nine years later, having gained great experience in the private club industry, Chris was offered a position as Executive Chef at one of the top private golf clubs in the GTA, Scarboro Golf and Country Club. Equipped with his years of experience and skill sets, Chef Chris brought his signature specialties, modern management tactics, and passion for embracing current food trends to Scarboro GCC and improved the overall dining experience at the club.

Only in his 30s, Chef Chris carries the same passionate ambition he held as a teenager, and his career continues to advance. He has since joined the Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM), graduated from Dale Carnegie Training, having received the Highest Award of Achievement. Chef Chris sits on both the Professional Development and the Strategic Planning committee for the CSCM with like-minded individuals who strive to develop new and innovative programs and courses to teach our club managers across Canada.

In 2016, Chef Chris and his team at the Scarboro Golf and Country Club had the honor of hosting a dinner for one of the most prestigious international gastronomic societies, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. Devoted to the promotion of fine dining and the preservation of camaraderie and pleasures of the table, Chef Chris joined the Chaine Des Rotisseurs in the same year, proudly maintaining the position of Maître Rôtisseur.

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