Michael Crandal, CNG

Author: The ABC’s of Plutonium Private Club Leadership.
Private Club GM/COO - Operations & Governance Expertise


Co-author with Gabriel Aluisy: “The ABC’s of Plutonium Private Club Leadership.” This book has rocketed to being accepted as THE go-to reference for all of those filling leadership roles in private clubs.

“It makes no difference whatsoever how good something sounds, looks on paper, adheres to budget or even seems logical. In an absence of Membership Satisfaction – you can forget everything else. Period.

Membership Satisfaction is “Mission Critical.” It is the only reason people JOIN, the only reason they will STAY, the only reason they will INVITE others to become part of it all. Actual member experiences MUST be the focus in order to see clearly!”

MANY very capable individuals are in positions of leadership at private clubs: presidents — board and committee members —GM/COO’s — Dept. heads and staff. Yet, the collective efforts are oftentimes “capped” at a certain level, even at so-called top level clubs.

Private Club Leadership is an honorable calling, representing the highest and very best opportunity to continually bring out the very best in people — board, committees, members, staff and management. ALL should be Plutonium Club Leader’s in their own right — within their own unique sphere of authority and influence.

Approaches to club governance (Board) or operations (Management) that exist solely for historical reasons, which are no longer relevant in today’s world and lifestyles — keep a club locked in an orbit around a world that no longer exists.

Gone are the days where all the Board had to do was make simplistic popular policy adjustments every so often and all Management had to do was to occasionally make “low hanging operational fruit” decisions.

BUT —for those clubs proactive and confident enough to make the strategic policies (Board) and operational (Management) decisions necessary to reflect the times and build upon the rock of solid leadership — there can be plenty of good days ahead.

Michael is a national award-winning leader in the private club industry with 30+ years experience in creating and building exemplary leadership teams ── (2 Platinum Clubs of America) — (Thunderbird Country Club – Rancho Mirage, CA and Exmoor Country Club – Highland Park, IL.)

Oh, and one more thing, just in case you were wondering. The letters after our author’s name Michael Crandal, CNG stand for: Certified Nice Guy. Self-certified by the way. But, a nice guy nonetheless.

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