Creating “Big Stick” Emotional Cement During and After—The Virus Madness!!!

Now more than ever, members and staff need to feel The Warm Embrace. Managers and staff who create Emotional Cement, who do Social KPIs right, who create a Community of Caring, will “do good” during The Virus Madness.

Questions need answering---What are the characteristics of a “Community of Caring”? What are the tactics clubs can use to create “Emotional Cement”? What role does the management team play in creating these emotional bonds---and what are the tactics they can use to make Emotional Cement happen? This session will identify the characteristics of a “Sticky” club and will discuss the role management has and the tactics they can use in generating “Big Stick” Emotional Cement during and immediately after The Virus Madness has been tossed into the dustbin of history.

Gregg Patterson

Key Takeaways from this Session

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