Getting the Job Done Even If You have a Disparate Board

Mr. VanSickle’s session centres around his experience dealing with a Board whose governance experience spanned the spectrum from minimal to extensive, the issues around gaining consensus or lack thereof and moving critical projects forward in a contested environment.

You will learn and examine the root cause of fractured Boards and how the nomination/election process can be used to minimize Board discord as well as how a Club’s articles can be beneficial to the governance process.

With real and personal experience Mr. VanSickle speaks of his direct and hands-on tactics used to ensure that the future and benefit of the Club was always the focus of Board governance and outcomes.


Key Takeaways from this Session

  • How to understand your Boards members and their motivation
  • The importance of the nomination/selection process
  • Why you need a current set of articles
  • How to set up the agenda process
  • How strategy keeps everyone focused

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