How to Handle Member Feedback and Never-ending Issues in Half the Time

Whether it’s a VIP request at a tournament, a persistent pace of play issue, or a complaint about the new bartender; the daily issues within your club are likely never-ending. If your club is looking for a better way to resolve issues that’s easier on everyone, you shouldn’t miss this session. Tune in for practical tips and first-hand experiences from Westmount GM and Club Core advisor, Brad Duench.



Key Takeaways from this Session

  • Understand the changing dynamics of member and guest complaints
  • Persistent issues across private and public clubs
  • Best practices for handling complaints
  • New member orientation tips: set the stage for success from day one
  • How to digitize member feedback and club issues
  • How to audit for trends and areas of focus
  • Critical steps to improved issue resolution and management

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