What’s in your leadership toolbox?

The study of leadership is an expanding field as scholars and organizations seek to improve their understanding in this critical area. Leadership is crucial for consistent success both for the individual and for the organization. But leadership is complex. It is not one trait or skill but a collection of ‘tools’ being utilized by a leader in different ways given their own unique character and given the changing needs of the circumstances. Each of us has our own unique set of skills in our leadership toolbox and each of us is on our own leadership journey.

While there is certainly isn’t a manual on leadership, there are common threads shared by some of the best leaders in clubs and in successful organizations everywhere.

The good news? All of these mindsets and characteristics are skills that can be improved and included in your leadership toolbox. But It is not enough to possess these skills and  characteristics, they must be utilized and put into action. Don’t worry, at times this set of skills can seem elusive and somewhat aspirational rather than operational, but now is your time to get on track.


Key Takeaways from this Session

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